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This book is designed to help Believers understand the importance of a developing a correct mindset towards prosperity and increase along with the proper positioning and the proper action steps to participate in the biblical end-time transfer of Wealth as a believer with a millionaire/Billionaire mindset.

  • Spiritually Empowering: Learn to harness the power of a positive mindset as it aligns with biblical teachings on prosperity and wealth.
  • Practical Strategies: Not just theory—this book offers concrete steps and actionable advice on positioning yourself for financial success.
  • Aligns Wealth with Faith: Explore how to pursue financial ambitions without compromising your beliefs, ensuring that your spiritual integrity remains intact.
  • Timely and Prophetic: Addresses the concept of an end-time transfer of wealth, providing readers with the knowledge to be proactive participants.
  • Inspirational Success Stories: Includes testimonies and examples of individuals who have successfully adopted a millionaire/billionaire mindset within the framework of their faith.

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Hidden Secrets of the Current Wealth Transfer

  • Wealth Building Strategies
  • The Life Cycle Of Money
  • Trust Fund & Estate Planning
  • Generation Wealth

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Prosperity Secrets

A comprehensive guide on how affirmations can attract wealth and prosperity into your life. This book explores the transformative power of positive affirmations to reprogram the mind and manifest desires, tailored specifically for believers, parents, business owners, and spiritual leaders. Through practical exercises and inspiring stories, readers learn to harness the law of attraction and positive thinking to create financial abundance, overcome limiting beliefs, and achieve personal and spiritual prosperity.

  • Mindset Transformation: Teaches how affirmations can change your mindset to focus on abundance and positivity, helping to manifest wealth and success.
  • Tailored Affirmations: Offers specific affirmations for different roles such as parents, business owners, and spiritual leaders, ensuring relevance and impact for various life situations.
  • Spiritual Alignment: Discusses the alignment of affirmations with spiritual beliefs, emphasizing faith and divine abundance as cornerstones of prosperity.
  • Comprehensive Guide: Acts as a complete resource with affirmations for different aspects of life including financial abundance, business success, and personal fulfillment.

(Value $29.99) $19.99

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